Marketing Assistant


Responsible for maximizing sales of Graybeal Distributing products through the duties of designing and printing Point of Sale,


The Marketing Assistant reports directly to the Director of Marketing, and is responsible for maximizing consumer awareness and brand exposure of Graybeal Distributing Company products.  This is accomplished primarily through the design and printing of Point of Sale as requested from each of nine sales representatives and working with them to develop and create Point of Sale for specific projects, displays or new products. Duties must be performed with the intent of driving sales through each printed piece or display. Other responsibilities include weekly checking-in of new displays and merchandise, assembling some display pieces, maintaining Point of Sale storage areas and sales room, recording quarterly media material usage, running reports for the Director of Sales, and helping set up rodeo beer gardens and other special events. Performance is measured by timely achievement of daily and weekly work schedule, quality of work performed and overall satisfaction of both internal and external customers.


This position requires a high school education and preferably two years of previous work experience or college. Candidate must be creative and able to learn Adobe Creative Suite programs and be organized and able to plan daily schedule independently. Must prove he/she can consistently and independently perform duties with the focus of driving sales for the company. Must be able to confidently communicate with the Director of Sales and Sales Representatives and must be proficient in Excel. Maintaining storage areas and setting up for events requires candidate to be physically fit and able to lift and move bulky objects and work outside. Candidate must also be able to follow directions and assemble display pieces. Candidate must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid Oregon driver’s license and an acceptable driving record.


Responsible for driving sales, maximizing consumer awareness and brand exposure of Graybeal Distributing Company products through Point of Sale.


  • Develops daily work schedule based on POS requests and dates.
  • Designs and prints Point of Sale for store displays, windows and exteriors.
  • Develops and creates Point of Sale for specific projects, displays or new products.
  • Checks in and records arrival of new displays and merchandise each week.
  • Assembles new displays and notifies sales team of their arrival.
  • Maintains sales room and rotates rebate packs and case cards.
  • Prints reports for Director of Sales as needed.
  • Establishs and maintains communication with District Managers and Sales Team.
  • Logs daily POS jobs and maintains quarterly report of media usage.
  • Helps set up seasonal special events.

We at Graybeal Distributing support a drug-free workplace. All applicants offered a position with our company are required to pass a pre-employment drug screening and DMV background check before they are hired.

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